How to brand your coaching business

How to brand your coaching business

How important do you think branding is to your coaching business?

Your brand presence is everything a potential client engages with prior to reaching out to you. These days that primarily means your digital presentation specifically via your website and social media channels.

You may have noticed, just from browsing peer and popular life coaching sites, that there seems to be a general trend within the coaching industry that de-prioritizes design. Moreover, many coaches appear to be inept at maintaining engaging social profiles.

Don't fall into the same trap. It's bad business to neglect branding and visual identity because first impressions are lasting. Your visuals and voice reflect the overall vision of your coaching business and the value you add as a coach.

As life coaching becomes more popular, your digital brand presence will become one of the few ways you can stand out amongst the crowd. Read on for more about the process of creating a digital brand presence for your coaching business.


  • 4Ps of Branding Framework

  • Your Vision

  • Your Value

  • Your Voice

  • Your Visuals

4Ps of Branding Framework

Branding your coaching business is the process of understanding who you are and what you stand for as a coach — and creating a presence that reflects this image.

This framework ensure you articulate the strengths of your coaching business brand clearly, concisely, and consistently. You can see how this ties together many other elements of the coaching business plan that you've worked on thus far.

Your Vision

It’s important to go through the exercise of articulating the strategic vision for coaching business before get into other parts of the process. Your vision informs your entire strategy.

A strong vision communicates why you exist and what you stand for, and how that drives the specific goals you want to achieve in the future.

  • Tagline — short but powerful sentence that conveys your brand's essence

  • Purpose — why you exist, what you’ll accomplish, and how you’ll achieve it

  • Values — the core principles that will guide your coaching business

Your Value

Your value is what you have to offer as a coach that is unique, important, and relevant in the eyes of the client. It should specifically address the most pressing client needs, problems, or desires and it gets at the heart of why you or your business should be chosen over others.

  • USP — your unique selling proposition or differentiated value add

  • Positioning — how you stand apart from peers in your coaching area

  • Promise — the experience clients can expect every time you coach them

Your Voice

You should be purposeful in your manner of communication by focusing on what you say, how you say it, and the feeling it conveys. It's important to carefully craft a distinct prose that engages, inspires, motivates, influences, and establishes trust.

  • Persona — the demographic and psychographic profile of your ideal client

  • Personality — the personification of your brand and relationship with your ideal client

  • Tone — the words and phrases that make up your style of communication

Your Visuals

The visible elements of your coaching brand impart a symbolic meaning that goes beyond what words alone can express. Your visual identity sets the foundation necessary for your brand to be distinguishable, recognizable, and relatable.

  • Style — guidelines on the overall aesthetic (look and feel) of your brand

  • Identity — your brand's core style elements (fonts, logos, colors, imagery).

  • Collateral — the marketing and other material (website, etc.) that your clients interact with

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